Nintendo Gives Out Free Wii Remote Covers

Always wear protection. At least that is what my mom used to tell me. I guess Nintendo had a similar idea.

Nintendo is giving away free Wii Remote Jackets to owners of the Wii gaming system and including them from now on when a Wii gaming system or remote is purchased.

“Nintendo hopes that by using the cover, players will be able to get a better grip on the controller, helping to prevent accidents. The cover also provides cushioning in case the ‘Wiimote’ falls, or in case you happen to swing the controller at someone’s head,” said Anoop Gantayat at

Nintendo will ship the Wii Remote Jackets starting Oct. 15, if owners have already placed a request for the item on Nintendo’s home page,

“No. I am not retarded,” said Michael Lewis, a freshman open-option major at the University of Colorado, when asked if he would be ordering one.

“Nintendo is just trying to get out of lawsuits, but they say it is to make it safe and fun.”

Some people have filed class action lawsuits against Nintendo due to problematic Wii Remotes.

Most of the lawsuits deal with the strap. The strap has had at least three upgrades since they started selling the Wii gaming system in late 2006.

Multiple Web sites, like and, are dedicated to people with Wiis who have hurt themselves, others or their belongings when they got a little too into the game.

Nintendo is spending about $17 million for 20 million Wii Remote Jackets, according to This is likely less than the eventual cost of further lawsuits to Nintendo for dangerous Wii Remotes.

The Wii Remote Jacket covers most of the Wii Remote, with an abundance of padding at the head of the remote.

If Wii owners are interested in protecting their Wii Remote, they must be sure to have the serial number and the number of Wii Remote Jackets that are needed and Nintendo will ship them within five to 10 days.

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