Christine Vachon Speaking to UT Film Students

On Thursday, October 25th, acclaimed producer and co-founder of Killer Films, Christine Vachon, will be speaking to a class of film students. The event is free and open to the public, and will take place in Reeves theater, at 4:00 P.M., in the Vaughn Center.

Vachon has produced well known films such as Boy’s Don’t Cry and One Hour Photo, in addition to working with directors like Todd Haynes, Todd Solongd and Kimberly Pierce. Most recently, Vachon plans to screen part of Todd Haynes’ tribute to Bob Dylan, I’m Not There, starring Christian Bale, Kate Blanchett, Richard Gere and Heath Ledger.

“I’m Not There” is a biopic starring six people as Bob Dylan, or different incarnations of him. However, what may be difficult for viewers to understand is that the film is not about Dylan himself. Robert Sullivan from the New York Times points out, “Haynes was trying to make a Dylan film that is, instead, what Dylan is all about, as he sees it, which is changing, transforming, killing off one Dylan and moving to the next, shedding his artistic skin to stay alive”.

The University of Tampa is thrilled about having Vachon speak on October 25th. Students look forward to hearing about the producer’s experiences and hopes she will shed some light on the requirements, obligations and perks of becoming part of the film industry.

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