Campus Mourns Adam, Beloved “Cafeteria Guy”

Long-time Sodexho employee Adam Whitehead passed away this week. His funeral was held at the Jackson Funeral Home on N. 34th St. this Saturday. His viewing was held Friday evening at the same location.

“He’ll go down in UT history as ‘Adam – The Cafeteria Guy’,” says alumni G.B. Andrews. “But he was so much more than that.”

You may have known Adam as the dependably smiling face brightening your day as you entered the cafeteria.

Though details of his death are still unclear to The Minaret, few people who knew him have any difficulty recalling his life.

He was known throughout the campus as one of the friendliest people around, and was hugely popular among students. A facebook group entitled “People Who Love Adam, the Cafeteria Guy” was created over a year ago and included nearly 200 members before his death.

Already the wall has overloaded with saddened students.

“After seeing him every day, at least three times a day for three, almost four years, he grew to be a part of my family,” wrote senior Marc Boults.

“There was something about him, an infectious personality that could turn anyone’s day around,” commented G.B. Andrews. “Adam was one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met.”

The recollection of Adam as an all around genuine person, especially in a day and age where such a cherished quality is difficult to find, dominates students’ memories of the beloved cafeteria worker.

Alumni Dan D’Arco notes that it’s “really hard to find people like Adam anymore

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