Stadium Center Serves New Collegiate Cuisine and Shopping

The view of campus has changed. Stadium Center, the sister of Straz, is now finished with its highly anticipated new dining options open full time. The choices range from a jolt of caffeine to an elegant meal at an upscale sit down restaurant.

Jazzman’s, a clone to a mini Starbucks, stocks every college student’s dream, anything that will keep them awake. Bakery items such as muffins, brownies, and cookies can be found as well as a wide array of coffees both iced and hot. This stop is a must for that wake up kick before an 8:30 a.m. class or a later burst of a “keep me up tonight so I can study.” Open until 5 p.m. Monday through Sunday Jazzman’s seems to be keeping students awake.

Orange Julius Dairy Queen mixes it up with their smoothies and ice cream coming together as one. Although the ice creams are no longer a meal exchange the line for the blizzards still seems to grow. Not in the mood for ice cream? Grab a hot chili dog instead. Open 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Monday through Sunday this place is the place to cool down.

Salsa Rico brings a kick to Stadium Center. Their homemade taco shells for their taco salads are a perfect finish to a Mexican craving.

Their wide variety of ingredients for the inside of their burritos, fajitas and quesadilla’s cause long lines leading up to their counter. Complete with homemade guacamole and open late everyday excluding Friday. this dining service adds spice to the UT dining options.

Gourmet Grocer is the jack of all trades. Consisting of homemade sandwiches, up scale convenience items including elaborate candies and drinks, as well as their own deli for meats and cheeses by the pound, this mini market is a fresh choice for students.

Sedona Grill is a spin off of the Vaughn Center’s Grill 155. It consists of the “less healthy” foods such as burgers and fries. It does carry unique items such as a veggie or chicken burger as well as sweet potato fries.

Although the location isn’t prime, the grill items will satisfy anyone’s hunger for a good burger and fries.

Pandini’s is a miniature pizzeria. Embarking on their famous labrettis they also satisfy the needs of pizza, calzone, and pasta lovers. Their piping hot pizza fresh out of the rotating oven cures every college’s craving of pizza. The pasta line where the pasta is made fresh with your choice of sauce is a nice change from a preset pasta menu in the cafe.

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