Kappa Sigma Found Not Responsible for Hazing

Kappa Sigma was cleared of all hazing charges by an Administrative Conduct Board Thursday afternoon but pled responsible for not following university directives.

The plea on the latter charge placed the organization on probation through the fall of 2009.

In a hearing that lasted more than four hours, five faculty and staff members voted unanimously that there was insufficient evidence to find the fraternity responsible for hazing. The fraternity would likely have been kicked off campus if found responsible.

“I feel tremendously relieved,” said Kappa Sigma President Jordan Beard. “I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things and put this behind us.”

Beard said that the whole process was a great distraction and took time away from exams and job interviews.

The Minaret recently published the reports of multiple students who claimed to see the fraternity marching recruits through ResCom and running in the athletic fields.

Though these allegations were not a part of the hazing charges, Beard said the events witnessed were misconceived, and were actually part of the Fraternity’s “Journey Walk,” an event which has in the past been approved by SAO.

The fraternity had previously been told not to do the walk at night and to get Student Activities permission before doing the walk. The fraternity admitted that neither of those things occurred, hence their plea on the Article V violation (compliance with directives).

The walk reached its conclusion on the roof of the Thomas Parking Garage, where a silent witness reported the alleged hazing taking place. But the silent witness failed to come forward for the hearing, and the Administrative Board unanimously voted in Kappa Sigma’s favor.

Beard told The Minaret that he was confident all along that his fraternity was innocent of the hazing charge. “I knew from the beginning we’d be found not responsible,” he said.

Sanctions for the Article V violation are being determined by the Office of Student Conduct. Check back to http://www.theminaretonline.com for details.

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