Resident Evil Extinction Not Bad for Third Installment

Resident Evil Extinction was an overall decent movie. The movie continues the epic struggle of the “good” guys against the evil Umbrella Corporation in a zombie-infested world.

A world that has undergone a dramatic climate change as continents have turned to vast deserts. How the T-virus would have anything to do with a climate change is hard for me to understand.

However, the main point is that the fight continues in the biggest film out of the three. The third installment in the series is more supernatural as Alice (the protagonist) uses a power not unlike the “force” from Star Wars to burn hundreds of ravens to a crisp with a controlled wave of fire.

For a Resident Evil fan, the film is way above average due in part to seeing Wesker for the first time on the big screen (all of you fans out there know who I’m talking about). As far as the fan appeal,

Sony could have developed a film straight from any of the games and would have made a potentially better film than Extinction.

In conclusion, the film is good enough to see for non-fans and must see for fans.

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