European Indie Films for All to Like

Headless romantics, John Wayne impersonators, nerdy basketball players and a reckless British mother looking for a fun night out-on-the-town are just a handful of characters that can be seen in the release of Cinema 16, a collection of European Independent films.

These rarely seen films are a must-see for any movie enthusiast. The films range from your not-so-typical romances to full fledged comedy and offer something that is hard to find in mainstream features these days. With elaborate plots and unique characters, Cinema 16 is a treat for any viewer. The issues and filming techniques are slightly edgier than your typical Friday night out to the movies.

Personally, found that there is a short film for everyone in this assortment of independent films. Each film is fun and unique and offers an opportunity to view another side of cinema; the side of cinema that pushes the envelope. Does toy doll cannibalism sound like a topic of interest for you? Well, if it is, this can be seen in Jan Svankmajer’s, Jabberwocky. Maybe you’re a romantic at heart? Juan Solanas, The Man Without A Head, follows a headless man trying to find the perfect face for the woman he is expected to meet for a romantic get together. Each of these strikingly different films can be found in Cinema 16.

I highly recommend this collection of films for anyone interested in foreign films or looking to broaden their cinema experience. The two disc Cinema 16 DVD will be released into the United States on Sept. 25, 2007. For your very own copy of Cinema 16, check out the website at,

I give this a ROCK ON!!

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