A Letter From a Former Student of Professor Weimer

On Saturday, September 1st a beloved member of our community passed away. Though some of you may not know him nor had the pleasure of meeting him, it is important that you understand the impact this man had on those around him.

Alan Weimer was an instructor here at the University of Tampa. He founded the Entrepreneurship program as well as the Strategic Analysis Program (SAP). This man altered the inner workings of John H. Sykes College of Business and is largely responsible for the hands on opportunities that business students now have. Alan Weimer was more then a teacher. He was an inspiration, a mentor, a role model and to some he was a great friend. His classroom was a casual and open environment, allowing students to feed off of one another’s opinions and suggestions. Weimer was a people person. Yes, he taught business classes but his lesson was always more then business. Passion was what Alan Weimer believed should be the driving force behind every waking moment. This is the message he instilled in his students.

Now students can no longer have the pleasure of sitting in his classroom and listening to his life experiences and success stories. As a former student of the University of Tampa and Alan Weimer, I can say with confidence that he was truly a one of a kind. He adored his students and cherished the time he was able to teach. In his last days he remained humble and full of humor. He fought to the bitter end.

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