The Trews Coming South for September

Hardcore, experimental, alternative, grunge, screamo, power-pop, punk, break core and death metal are just a few sub genres in today’s rock classification of bands. But Canadian group The Trews bring an original sound back to life, proving that, yes, there is still good ol’ rock to be found today.

On Sept. 19, The Trews will be playing a free concert to all UT students with opening act, junior JJ Paolino. Hailing from Nova Scotia, The Trews have made a highly apparent mark on the Canadian music scene with 6 top 10 singles, two No. 1 singles on radio, two albums, and have shared concert stages with The Rolling Stones, Three Days Grace and Evanescence. The Trews have basically conquered Canada, but are looking to enlighten us all with their rock sound in the States as well as expanding to Europe. The Trews will be embarking on a European tour through Germany, France and the United Kingdom in October, touring off their recent release Den of Thieves. Produced by Jack Douglas. Douglas is known for his efforts with bands/artists like John Lennon, New York Dolls and Aerosmith.

I was fortunate enough to be able to talk to The Trews guitarist John-Angus MacDonald and ask him a few questions about the band and what The Trews are all about.

TM: For someone unfamiliar with your band, how would you describe your sound to him or her?

JM: We’re just a real straight up Rock n’ Roll Band.

TM: What was the music scene like in Canada when you were growing up?

JM: It was really good. The Montreal scene is very good. There have been bands coming out of Canada for a while like Nickelback and Avril Lavigne.

TM: How did the band The Trews form and when did you start to take the band serious enough to make it full time?

JM: Well we’re from Nova Scotia and we always wanted to play music. So the band was formed around 2001 and we got signed in 2002.

TM: What musical influences did you have growing up and in your band?

JM: Well our band has covered some R.E.M. songs and growing up I was listening to rock bands like The Who.

TM: What has been your favorite city that you have played so far?

JM: That’s a really hard question. All the cities have been great. There are certain cities that we always like going to. New York is always fun, we really like New York.

TM:You’re going overseas to tour, any cities in particular you want to visit the most?

JM:Really every place I’m interested to see. I really want to see France.

TM:How different is Den of Thieves from your last album House of Ill fame?

JM: It was pretty different actually. House of Ill Fame was recorded in one week and Den of Thieves took a couple of months and we had some great guest musicians play on some of the tracks.

TM: Are there any plans for more releases?

JM: Yeah we actually have already recorded and finished up the third record and it should be out sometime around Christmas.

TM: Where do you see your band in ten years?

JM: We’d still like to be doing it and have a great fan base.

TM:Is there anything particular you are expecting from the University of Tampa when you play here?

JM: Just a lot of kids, pretty girls, and people having a good ol’ time.

TM: Is there anything that you would like to tell students before the show about your band?

JM: Just that we’re worth checking out. Take a chance and give us a listen.

The Trews will be playing at the University of Tampa on Sept. 19 at 7:30 p.m. in the Vaughn Center Courtyard. Student productions and Student Government will be looking to further the music and concert experience at UT when they plan on bringing more musicians and artists to the University this spring.

The Making of: The Trews – Den of Thieves

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