Fall Fashion For You: Don’t Leave Without It

As I was flipping through the latest issue of Elle magazine, I began to realize that the Sunshine State may have its slight disadvantages pertaining to back to school shopping. Unavailable to us are the catalogues full of fall clothes for summer weather. Being a New Jersey girl, I am used to stocking up on lackluster burgundies and dull burnt oranges. As we all begin moving into our dorms, the oversized sweaters and comfy Uggs will have to be pushed to the back of our closets and our fall semester will feel like the summer we had to leave behind. So where are we supposed to find this Fall Shopping Guide for the Tampa shoppers? Check out these top five fashion trends that will you bring you from summer drab to fall fab.

1. Aviator Sunglasses

Sunglasses are probably the most important fashion accessory we are going to be sporting this season. Aside from the protection they give off from the sun, the style of sunglasses can either make or break an outfit depending on the way they fit the face. Aviators come in all different sizes and styles to ensure they make anyone look chic and sophisticated. The purchase of aviators is simple, as they are overstocked in every store as well as on shopping sites. Check out my personal favorite aviators at Urban Outfitters for a mere $18! Although the price is low, the quality is definitely not lacking. Aviators can range anywhere from $5 to $350. If you want to splurge Marc Jacobs makes a fabulous pair for $290 (neimanmarcus.com).

2. Simple Tees

There was a spread in In Touch Weekly the other day about the newest trend in Hollywood. Alternative Apparel apparently has the new “it” tee shirts. With their worn out feeling and uber comfortable fabric, the simple tees produced by Alternative Apparel feel like the tee shirt you stole off your boyfriends back. Simplicity has a way of making most girls come off sexier because they aren’t trying so hard. You can roll out of bed wearing these tee shirts and still stroll to class fashionably and adorable.

Alternative Apparel Tees run anywhere from $30 to $75. Try on one of their tees and you will permanently become addicted to the soft fabric and comfortable feel. Check out Alternativeapparel.com for a selection in any color and style you can dream of.

3. Denim, Color ‘ Cut Off Shorts

Lately I have felt that some of the fashion magazines have become delirious and run out of fresh ideas when skinny jeans surfaced! Just as I was coming to terms with the Skinny Jeans style, they quickly changed it to colored skinny jeans. These colored jeans aren’t soft hues of yellow and pink that you may see around Easter time they are bright teals, purples, oranges and red denim that began hitting shelves the beginning of summer. I actually began to like them. It brought something different to the world of denim, but in New Jersey I could never pull those off during our droopy fall days. So here I am, bringing you a style that takes confidence and nice legs to pull off.

Urban Outfitters has a selection of these denim threads that are inexpensive enough to try out even if they don’t work out. Lux Technicolor Skinny Jeans range from $40 to $60. You may also purchase these jeans at any large department store. These jeans are the perfect accompaniment to the Alternative Apparel Tees.

* You want to keep your top as simple as possible when wearing bright pants.

4. Toy Watches

When I was shopping in Nordstrom last year I fell completely in love with a watch that had a clear strap and a wide face surrounded by crystals. From the look of it I thought it was a dream item that I could never afford. To my surprise the Toy Watch I was lusting over was inexpensive and I knew they would be the next big thing. Toy Watches come in every color possible, and as we start our new college lives, having a watch on hand is always important. From running to class to meeting for a lunch date, knowing the time, is going to give us a sure way to make sure we are responsible and always on time. Watches can dress an outfit up and bring it back down to the casual level, depending on the style chosen. ToywatchUSA.com is the website of the year, with their low prices and stylish watches.

Prices range from $150 and up.

5. Eco-Friendly Clothing

Everywhere we look some new celebrity is “turning green”. Magazines, Movies, and Music are trying to relay to our world why we need to fear Global Warming. I don’t know much about the subject but I do know that we can begin helping by wearing Eco-Friendly threads. In our Simple Tees section, Alternative Apparel also sells 100% organic cotton. There is also a website Naturalcollection.com, whose main focus is about ethical clothing and organic fabrics.

Eco-Friendly clothing is not about hemp and looking hippie. These fabrics look like shirts you wear everyday, they are just environmentally friendly.

Shirts can range anywhere from $40 to $70 depending on where you purchase the clothes.

These are the top five trends to stick with this fall. But what ever you wear, always make sure you have the confidence to pull it off. If your not comfortable it wont look cute.

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