Rescom Springs a Leak

Rattling pipes, water shooting out the sides of a building and a water leak spanning three floors occurred all at once in Rescom when a broken pipe caused water damage in three floors.

At around 4:30 p.m. on March 26, a rusted water pipe in the ceiling of room 302’s bathroom broke, and the residents saw water accumulation on the floor.

After the water flowed down the wall, rooms 102 and 202 encountered small accumulations of water. In 202 the water spread outside the bathroom into the adjacent hallway.

Water was seen shooting out of a Rescom pipe while campus maintenance drained surplus water from the pipes to prevent further leaking.

The pipe’s age is the cause of the leak, said Greg Russ, evening housing technician.

The residents said facilities responded quickly, bringing buckets to collect the water. Facilities then contacted Delta Fire Sprinklers to repair the pipe and the sprinkler. The leak was fixed by 10 p.m.

The only inconvenience was not being able to use the bathroom, Eaton said.

“The leak wasn’t really an inconvenience,” said Chris Distefano, a resident of room 302.

The leak damaged only several magazines kept in the bathroom.

After facilities repaired the pipe, they mopped up the water. However, at midnight, Eaton’s roommates noticed the bathroom and kitchen ceilings ballooning with water.

Eaton thought, “not again,” recalling a water leak in Rescom last year where the ceiling fell through and remained without repair until the year’s end.

Facilities showed up and broke the paint seal and drained the remaining water that has accumulated.

The residents were relieved the leak was fixed.

“I was glad they were able to take care of it quickly because it could have been a big inconvenience,” Eaton said.

Rescom was built in 1987 and houses 235 upper-class students.

Russ said that leaks of this sort are not common in Rescom.

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