Moving ‘ Packing Tips

If you are preparing to leave UT, whether it’s for good or just for the summer, here are some easy tips for students get through the move:

* Get started early. It’s going to make it a lot tougher on you if they wait until the last day to collect boxes and moving supplies. Start packing items you know you aren’t going to need now.

* Try to condense. Go through the stuff piling up and decide if you really need that magazine from October of last year.

* Use the right supplies.Don’t make the mistake of using old shopping bags, laundry baskets, topless boxes and pillowcases to stuff your belongings. Not only could items get tossed around in the move but if loose items fall out, people could get hurt. Don’t use grocery store boxes because they likely once stored food items that can often have bugs or larvae. Shop around for competitive prices on your supplies. Some places will even deliver. Most boxes can easily fold up and be stashed away – or used for storage for the entire school year. The boxes you buy this year can be reused and recycled throughout a college career and beyond.

* Pack like items together. When you first get to your new place you may feel a little over-whelmed so the more organized you can be walking in, the better. Label your boxes so you can easily determine what is inside including toiletries, kitchen-related items, and sweaters. This will help you prioritize your unpacking without making a huge mess.

* Don’t over-pack boxes.The rule is: the heavier the item, the smaller the box.

* Try to use original packaging for large electronics. When you picked up your new computer, TV, mini-fridge and microwave you probably opened up the box each came in to check out your new toys. Try not to get rid of the packing and boxes for those items. It’s much more likely that these items will arrive without injury if they remain in the manufacturers packaging.

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