Students Party Like Rockstars

The Usual Skaspects said it, but the sentiment was nearly universal among performers: “We’re really happy to be here, really excited to play.” Excitement and innovation characterized the atmosphere of the first annual Battle of the Bands, put on by Student Productions in the Vaughn courtyard on Saturday, April 21.

For nine performers, the Battle of the Bands offered a unique opportunity to showcase a style and network with other artists on campus.

The Usual Skaspects were joined on stage by Kimberly Fulton, Sweet True, Cadence, Stephanie Pavlich, Nick Bartman, JJ Paolino ‘ Wells Costello, Palmer Holmes, and Justin Kline and The Fingers.

Though there was stiff competition among so many talented artists, the focus was not on winning.

The guitar duo Cadence made explicit the real opportunity that the Battle of Bands presented when they emphasized that “we’re here to have fun and build up our confidence level.”

Don and Joe, who met at UT and have played together for two years, were finally awarded by the SP event their first opportunity to play for a large crowd .

Self-described as a combination of John Mayor and Dashboard Confessionals, they nervously awaited the venue, combining an anticipation to get on stage with an appreciation for the artistic talent of UT. “There are a lot of really talented people on this campus,” Joe thoughtfully related.

And from rock to ska to alternative acoustics, six-member groups to solo artists, the night was about talent and mutual support. Stephanie Pavlich, a solo guitarist influenced by Christian artists Jeremy Camp and Sanctus Real, responded “I’m just excited to get to play” when asked if she expected to win. Though her band canceled on her at the last minute, she performed original and church songs with a grace befitting of the subject matter. “Passionate about music and Jesus,” Stephanie’s carpe diem attitude of making the most out of the performance placed her in tune with the rest of the day’s performers.

Once The Usual Skaspects kicked off the night with their first number, that tone was set. Brought together through friendship and a love of music,

The Skaspects were thrilled that Student Productions decided to assemble the Battle of the Bands.

“It’s a great idea,” one member exclaimed, thrilled about the possibility of integrating the best of the college music scene before a significant audience.

After all, without such events, many students would probably miss out on a lot of the local talent.

The Battle of the Bands provided a platform that enhanced exposure and provided valuable experience to UT’s upcoming artists.

Thanks to Student Productions for organizing the event, and to all nine performers for enhancing the talent pool of the night. Congratulations to JJ Paulino ‘ Wells Costello for their victory.

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