UT student attended school with Virginia Tech shooter

When Jennifer Rosoff heard about the fatal Virginia Tech shooting, she never thought the killer would be Cho Seung-Hui, her former classmate.

Currently a senior at UT, Rosoff faintly remembers Seung-Hui during her freshman year at Centreville High School. She only went to school with him for one year, but her yearbook proves he was among the same halls.

When Cho Seung-Hui’s name was released, Rosoff went straight to her yearbook and found him among the freshman-year pictures.


Rosoff estimates there were 1,000 students in her freshman class which hoarded a large Asian population, “Our school was so overcrowded at the time, he pretty much blended into the crowd.”

A graduate in 2003, Seung-Hui followed a majority of classmates sophomore year to the newly-constructed Westfield High School, built to relieve Centreville’s overcrowded halls. A friend of Rosoff who attended Westfield High described Seung-Hui as creepy and reserved.

Now a former intern at Channel 10 News, Rosoff explained her thoughts to reporter Preston Rudi “It’s unbelievable. I just called a friend of mine from home the other day and we were talking about how we could have brushed up against him in the halls. We could have somehow impacted his life to change things for the better or maybe even the worse.”

Hoping for safety

A large percentage of Rosoff’s high school peers are currently students at Virginia Tech with a handful of her friends who attend. Luckily they were not victims of injury or death.

Rosoff says she knows of two recent graduates of Westfield High who were killed on Monday’s shooting spree; Aaron Peterson and Reena Sumara.

Centreville, Virginia, Rosoff’s hometown and a suburb of Washington D.C., lies in the region known as Northern Virginia. Rosoff sees a relationship between Seung-Hui’s rage about materialism and wealthy Americans because Centreville is a wealthy region. Regarding her materialistic hometown, Rosoff states “It is very clich

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