Pine Wards Off Injury

Junior Lindsay Pine has participated in sports since she was five years old.’ Now 20, she has been on the University of Tampa tennis team for three years.

‘I have always loved the competition, the drive and the teamwork that sports provide,’ Pine said.

She is recovering from a hamstring injury, her first substantial injury in her 15 years of playing sports. Hamstring injuries take a minimum of four weeks and a maximum of six months to fully heal.’

March 27 was Pine’s first day back at the gym after sitting out almost five weeks.

Pine’s doubles record was 3-1 until she got hurt in the match against Augusta State Feb. 11.’

‘It’s extremely frustrating. I have never had to sit out in my entire life,’ Pine said. ‘In a way though, I guess I’m lucky because it is my first injury ever.’

Being an athlete in college is very difficult. Student athletes have to go from class to practice to class again, with games and matches thrown in the very mundane mix.’

‘I am not a ‘typical’ college student.’ I can’t party all the time, but I chose this.’ It is the last time in my life where I can be a full-time athlete’ said Pine.’

Although college athletes have different experiences than those who do not participate in sports, it does not mean they don’t get the same things out of college. ‘

‘There are times that it is definitely hard when I want to go out or take a break from practice, but in the end it is worth it. I think I would regret if I didn’t play. I could not even imagine not being an athlete,’ Pine said.’

Playing tennis has taught Pine to be more motivated, aggressive and focused in all other aspects of her life.

‘Whenever I’m on the courts, I try my hardest. Since I have been playing, I became more focused and motivated in the classroom and at work as well,’ Pine said.’

Student-athletes have to balance school, friends, a social life, as well as their sport.

So it makes sense that their determination on the court or field would rub off on their everyday life. ‘

Playing tennis is like entering a whole other world for Pine. ‘

‘You are the only one out there; you can’t depend on anyone else. When I am on the court I am just playing,’ Pine said. ‘I am not worrying about the argument I had with my mom or the test I have next week.’ It’s as if I don’t have a single worry in the world.’

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