The Shins’ Lyrics More Than Skin Deep

Progression, progression and more progression is the story of The Shins Musical Career and even more so, their third album, Wincing The Night Away.

The Shins third album release, explores all sorts of new instruments, sounds, and witty lyrics, the way you would expect of The Shins. The new album poses much more diversity to their music, which can play up or down The Shins musical catalog.

The album starts off with “Sleeping Lessons”, a harmonious and even quite trippy song running right into, “Australia,” which could quite possibly become a single from the album. Hold that thought, one can not even begin to sit here and mention every song on the album because one thing that really impresses me about this CD, is how Wincing The Night Away is an ALBUM not an LP full of singles.

The CD unwinds through stories continual throughout the album with underlining social and personal meanings.

The lyrics are sure to keep you pondering song meanings all day long, but what one must understand in grasping this album is the personality behind the lyrics, front man and guitarist, James Mercer. James Mercer through all the Shins songs, has been well known for embracing religion, free will, and anything to do with personal choices regarding our society, Wincing the Night Away is no different, the lyrics continue to baffle yet move me every time I listen to a song. But, be aware this album is not for everyone.

One of the reasons why indie music is so attractive to me is because of the lyrical density and by lyrical density, ultimately I mean intelligence. I will assure you, if you are looking for lyrics that inform you of an artist(being considerate with the artist classification), “bringing sexy back” or an artist telling you, “This is why I’m hot.”, you will most likely not be able to dive into the lyrics on this album, or anything to do with The Shins.

That being said, indie lovers, eat your heart out.

The soothing yet uplifting guitars that blend with calming drums compliment Mercer’s unique meanings behind his songs.

This album leaves me guessing what is to come from the mysterious and diverse band of The Shins.

But, for now, I definitely got my much needed indie fix. Bottom Line 7.5/10

Watch the Video “Phantom Limb”

The Shins’ new video “Phantom Limb” is directed by Patrick Daughters.

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