SG Election Winners Announced

The University of Tampa has spoken. More precisely, 1,277 Spartans have spoken, and it appeared early Friday morning that Ali Mathe and Tom McKissock will serve as UT’s president and vice president, respectively, next year.

Experience may have helped the winners in this race. McKissock, the vice president elect, said, “We are excited to work with the administration, to have the UT student body voices be heard and to bring only positive change.”

Mathe said the win would mean more continuity for UT.

“I am extremely excited Tom and I won and will continue what the current executive board implemented. I know my leadership role will serve the student body and will continue to make UT even better,” said Ali Mathe.

Mathe held the position of treasurer, and McKissock was sophomore congressman in the current term.

“I voted for who I considered the qualified candidate,” said Anthony Wincko. “I used their knowledge of their previous terms in hope for our school’s future.”

Current SG President Andrew Madock was pleased with the turnout for the election, citing “increased marketing

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