A.C.E. Offers Online Tutoring

For students to schedule an appointment for a personal tutor is one thing. For students to be able to receive the help they need from the comfort of their dorm is even better. On Jan. 21, the Academic Center for Excellence launched their new online tutoring service to bring help to the students that cannot make it to A.C.E. due to conflicting schedules. The online tutoring will be offered through the AskOnline system. To register with the site, students should head to http://www.tampa.askonline.net. Those interested must be registered UT students with a valid UT e-mail address. Once students are logged in, they will be able to view the online tutoring schedule to see when a tutor will be available for their specific course. The online tutoring service now offers help for the following courses: ACC 202, ACC 203, MAT 160, MAT 170, MAT 260, MAT 261 and PHY 201. Currently there are five online tutors available on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. This seems like a very small amount of help offered, but as interest in the service grows, many more programs will be offered. After students log in and choose a course, they can get help in three ways. The first way allows students to communicate with a tutor via live chat. There can be up to 40 students in each chat session, though the tutors have been discouraged from letting in so many students in at a time. Over 80 students registered to receive help within the first week of the site’s operation. One of the unique services within the live chat includes an interactive whiteboard where students and tutors can share formulas and other information. Once the student finishes with the session, they may print the transcript of the session for notes. The second option for assistance allows students to ask a question, even if a tutor is not online, and wait for the tutor to respond to the question when they are next online. The third option allows students to post a question in a discussion where many students are logged in at once, allowing for a class discussion regarding homework. The service will also offer chat rooms to be set up for study groups, which can be used for class projects. Since students often have different schedules and cannot meet at the same time, they can all get together from home with this service. The new service has the opportunity to help many students. According to Janice Law, the A.C.E. Director, “The goal for the online tutoring service is to give access to all students. We want to see every student at UT reach their academic excellence.” Law invites any students that are interested to contact A.C.E. with both good and bad feedback on the service, in order to help further the program.

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