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Crime doesn’t go on Winter Break, either. — At 7:00 a.m on Jan. 16, UT Security was contacted regarding a lost bookbag and purse in the Cass Building.

I don’t think a bad dream qualifies as a medical emergency. — At 11:41 p.m on Jan. 16, UT Security was called regarding a student who had fallen out of bed and injured himself in Austin Hall. Upon arrival, a security officer called 911 and the student was transported to the hospital.

And he probably spent two times the cab fare on liquor in Ybor. — At 2:15 a.m. Friday, Jan. 19, Security was contacted by a cab driver regarding a student near Austin Hall not paying for his cab fare.

Freshman Alchohol Violations: Volume 274, 989 — At 1:05 a.m on Wednesday, Jan. 17, UT Security responded to a call of an alcohol offense in Smiley Hall. Upon arrival, the officer found alcohol and referred offending students to the Judical Board.

KABOOM … not! — At 9:15 p.m, on Jan. 18, UT Security officer observed a suspicious package in the Alumni Conference Room. The package was later deemed to be non-threatening, and the room was cleared.

Oops — At 11:25 p.m on Jan. 20, UT Security was informed of damage to a vehicle. There are no suspects at this time.

Caaaaable Guy! — At 3:10 p.m on Saturday, Jan. 20, Security was contacted in reference to ongoing harassing phone calls from one student to another. Security gave the student the phone number to Tampa Police and informed the student to get a new phone number.

USF is that way, buddy. — At 9:29 p.m on Friday, Jan. 19, Security responded to the Courtyard on a complaint of a suspicious person. Upon arrival, the individual was escorted off campus.

The pool is definitely not a parking spot, even for commuters. — At 4:35 a.m on Sunday, Jan. 21, Security observed a commuter sign on the ground near the swimming pool.

See Ya! — At 9:30 p.m on Sunday, Jan. 21, UT Security trespassed a non-student off campus from Austin Hall.

Oh No! How will I ever show my face at the pool again? — At 5:03 p.m on Friday, Jan. 19, Security was contacted regarding missing sunglasses from the Sykes Building.

General Medical Emergency — At 7:10 a.m on Tuesday, Jan. 16, UT Security responded to a call of a student that was sick in the Vaughn Center. Upon arrival, the student requested a transport to the hospital and was transported by a Security officer.

Low-speed collison — At 2:27 a.m on Friday, Jan. 19, UT Security observed that the entrance gate to the Plant Hall parking lot was bent.

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