Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

As we approach the final days of the semester our demanding academic schedules cause us to lose focus of our successes to date this year. We need to take time to pause and reflect on the semester as a whole. Our accomplishments would not be possible without our diverse, driven, and accomplished student body.

We have expanded our knowledge of the world in class, and have relaxed with friends at the beach on the weekends. We have donated countless hours of community service with the PEACE office, our fraternities and sororities, and our diverse student organizations. We showed true unity and came together to strongly support our fellow peer whom had a tragic traffic accident. We have made new friends, acquaintances, and relationships. We have brought home two national championships. Our great University of Tampa turned 75 with countless celebrations. Go Spartans!

With only eight more days until the official end of the fall semester, the University has an interesting buzz. All of us are preparing for finals, while the select few class of 2006 graduates are preparing for their future. We are all reflecting on a mistake or two, but we also all have the opportunity to make positive change during the upcoming New Year.

As your student body representative I am proud of the performance of my fellow peers. This semester we are all departing on an optimistic note after positively affecting each-other, our campus, and the Tampa community. We need to continue our good-works, and encourage our peers to make smart choices over winter break. Working together we can ensure our entire student body returns safely to continue our successful 2006|2007 academic year.

Andrew Madock SG President

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