Warning: This Isn’t Your Mother’s Poetry

Six poets made UT history on Saturday, Sept. 30 as they participated in Quilt’s first ever annual poetry slam. Participating in the event were Christian Crider, Chris Janus, Adrienne Nadeau, Victoria Alt, Lorien Mattiacci and Andrew Fogel.

A poetry slam usually consists of ten poets, three rounds and five judges that volunteer themselves from the audience. At the end of each round, scores are tallied, and those with the higher scores advance to the next round. The poet with the highest score at the end of round three take first place.

The poetry, which, as the advertisements suggested was “not your mother’s poetry,” ranged from religious satire to love. Nadeau, approaching the mic with a swagger, recited from memory feelings of angst towards those who’d forced her to conform to society’s standards of women. Others, like Janus, described interesting dreams in which his hybrid babies ruled the earth. Not knowing what to expect, the crowd soaked in each word eagerly.

At the end of the third round, the winner was chosen. After carefully counting the scores twice, the announcer approached the makeshift stage and read off the top three. In third was Chris Janus. In second, winning a UT 75th anniversary t-shirt, was Lorien Mattiacci. The first place winner was Adrienne Nadeau, who was given a $20 gift certificate to Borders and a generous round of applause. Though the primary reason for the event was to enjoy the writing of UT students, the event also served to help benefit Hurricane Katrina victims. To further benefit this cause it is strongly encouraged that you to donation to the P.E.A.C.E. office on the second floor of the Vaughn Center.

Keep your eyes open for Quilt’s next Open Mic Night and Poetry Slam.

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