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Dear Editor,

After reading last week’s Minaret, I would like to express my shock that an article such as “Just What the Doctor Ordered” was allowed to be printed. Despite what Mr. LoVario’s political views are, it is never acceptable to call someone retarded just because they have different beliefs than you. Mr. LoVario is trying to paint an image that anyone more liberal than himself suffers from a “detrimental disorder”. I am appalled that The Minaret would allow Mr. LoVario’s article to be printed as he is blatantly making fun of his peers. He is too focused on the liberal media and it’s brainwashing on our minds. But Mr. LoVario seems to forget that for every liberal news source there is a conservative one as well.

Mr. LoVario’s article is hindering the healing process that the country is trying to go through. By comparing liberals to mental health patients, he is contributing to the growing gap in this country between conservatives, liberals and even moderates. I will not continue to read The Minaret as long as articles such as Mr. LoVario’s are printed, and I will encourage others to do the same. I hope that The Minaret will stop allowing it’s writers to openly make fun of its students.

Sarah Koslow

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