Say “Yeah” to Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Second Album, “Show Your Bones”

“Show Your Bones,” New York-based trio Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ second album, is a strong follow-up to their debut Fever to Tell. It is often hard for a band to live up to a successful first album. However, they have not forgotten their sound. This is important especially for a band as uniquely talented as Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

The opening track “Gold Lion” is catchy to say the least. One of Karen O’s best vocal performances of the album, the mix of spacey grunge-rock guitars and simplistic drumming make this an easy selection for their first single. The sensuality of this song is hard to miss, even if the lyrics don’t necessarily make sense.

My per-sonal favorite, “Pheno-mena,” has that crunchy dynamic feel that so perfectly encapsulates the style of Yeah Yeah Yeahs. This song has its tender moments. Nestled among the pounding bass and drums are highly distorted gems of peace. Overall, this is one of the best songs on the album.

Thankfully, there are no drawn-out emo anthems like “Maps,” so those looking for angst-filled tearjerkers need not apply. However, if you liked “Fever to Tell” for everything it had to offer, you will not be disappointed. This is not a repeat of their first album but a continuation and evolution of their style.

If you like The White Stripes, Metric or The Arcade Fire, “Show Your Bones” will be an excellent addition to your musical collection.

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