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Caring: The first step towards change

By ALEXANDRA TIRADO As a foreigner living in the United States and actively participating in its culture, I think I can say this with some confidence: U.S., you’re quirky as hell. Don’t get me wrong though America, you are a wonderful country. Even in this age and time, the U.S. still remains a socially responsible […]

Around the world with Mauricio Rich

By MAURICIO RICH “Pollo, arroz amarillo, caraotas negras y jugo natural de naranja,” I said to the lady in La Havana on Vaughn’s Center first floor the first week of my freshman year. She hands me the box with the chicken, yellow rice, black beans and natural orange juice I asked for, and I walked […]

Trump’s travel ban: a wake-up call

By JASMINE ABDELGAFAR “A total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” These were President Trump’s words in December 2015 after the San Bernardino shooting. Trump’s agenda was clear from the beginning and he came one step closer to implementing it last January when he issued an immigration ban on eight Muslim majority […]

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