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Life as a Parkland survivor one year later

This podcast features Connor Zielinski, General Manager of WUTT Spartan Radio; Katelyn Massarelli, Editor in Chief of The Minaret ; Sydney Rhodes, News and Multimedia Editor of The Minaret; and Alex Martinez. by Sydney Rhodes Members of The Minaret and WUTT Spartan Radio gathered in the recording studio on UT’s campus to create a podcast […]

One year later: UT in the aftermath of Parkland

By Sydney Rhodes & Briana DeTuro Alex Martinez, freshman international business major, hid between the seats of an auditorium with his backpack above his head as he heard screams from outside the glass doors. He then began to send messages to his family and close friends as he sat in a room of fellow peers […]

UT marches

BY ALEXANDRA TIRADO On March 24, a nationwide march, March For Our Lives, took place in which people lobbied for stricter gun regulations. UT students and faculty participatred in the march, including faculty and students from the Department of Education at UT organized a group to walk together. The education faculty included: Dr. Theoni Soublis, […]

Walk the Talk: UT demands gun reform

BY INDIRA MOOSAI AND ALEXANDRA TIRADO Members of the UT community gathered in Vaughn Courtyard March 14 to take part in the nationwide Walkout to honor the victims of the Parkland shooting and stand together against gun violence. “I am so sorry we had to meet under such circumstances,” said Jeff Kurnick, a sophomore philosophy […]

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