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Daylight Saving Time is Here to Stay, and That’s A-Okay!

By Brandon Leonard brandon.leonard@spartans.ut.edu Congress has proven it can still agree on some things as the so-called “Sunshine Protection Act” passed the Senate on March 15, to near unanimous acceptance. Of course, it still has to go to the House of Representatives and then the President to become an official law. Seeing its acceptance in […]

Students Have Increasing Safety Concerns with Downtown Living

By: Emma Lynch emma.lynch@spartans.ut.edu The cost of living in Tampa, especially downtown, is a conversation that has gained increasing attention. Apartments are overflowing and their costs still continue to go up for residents. Many downtown residents have noticed large increases in their monthly rent in a short period of time.  In September of 2021 Tampa’s […]

Tampa Bay Rays’ 2021 Season Comes to an End

By: Shane Petagna The Tampa Bay Rays’ 2021 season has come to an end after losing the American League Division Series to the Boston Red Sox three games to one. The franchise’s winningest team in the regular season could not carry their success into October in a series filled with great moments and even some […]

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