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Power to the Media: Biased Coverage Plays Significant Role in Elections

By Sara Setargew  The media plays an undeniable role in democratic elections. It provides a platform for the political parties to communicate their message giving voters access to information about parties and the candidates’ policies, while allowing voters a place to engage in public debate. However, the primary concern of media coverage in an election […]

Diverse Barbies Promote Body Positivity

by Claire Farrow Mattel has finally done it. They’ve come to the realization that women do, in fact, have curves. In a beautifully body positive and inspiring commercial, Mattel revealed their new Fashionistas line in the Barbie collection. The new line features “four body types, seven skin tones, 22 eye colors, and 24 hairstyles,” according […]

The Internet Endorses Sensationalism

Editorial In an Internet age, clicks are everything. The more clicks your site gets, the more likely your site will survive among a flurry of thousands of others. Such is the state of things for online publications in 2015–but how does this affect our content? Lately, the editors at The Minaret have noticed an influx […]

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