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Opioid Epidemic Falls in the Hands of Purdue Pharma

By Mallory Culhane Purdue Pharma, a pharmaceutical company that manufactures pain medications such as OxyContin, has pleaded guilty to several federal criminal charges and faces $8 billion in penalties for their role in the U.S. opioid epidemic.  The settlement was announced by the Justice Department on Wednesday, Oct. 21. Purdue Pharma is pleading guilty to […]

Barrymore Guests Unaware of Students Quarantining

By Mallory Culhane & Ella Malmgren Some students at The University of Tampa have been quarantining at the Barrymore Hotel, in accordance with UT’s quarantine procedures as outlined in the Spartan Shield Health Safety Plan. Although this is common knowledge for members of the UT community, guests staying at the Barrymore Hotel are not made […]

Quarantined Students Report Lack of Food, RAs and Distancing

By Mallory Culhane & Preston Wimbish Residential students at The University of Tampa who test positive for COVID-19, either on-campus at the Dickey Health and Wellness Center or somewhere off-campus, are provided an isolation space by UT to quarantine in the Barrymore Hotel or Urso Hall.  This procedure is part of UT’s Spartan Shield Health […]

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