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Saint Peter’s Becomes First-Ever No. 15 Seed in NCAA to Advance to the Elite Eight

By: Renee Kallina Many NCAA Basketball fans have never heard of the Division I college Saint Peter’s. Breaking a lot of brackets, the Peacocks are the first No. 15 seed team in the NCAA to make it all the way to the Elite Eight. This past month, Saint Peters played in the big leagues against […]

The Responsibility of Having a Pet in College

By Sam Ryan  samantha.ryan@spartans.ut.edu The transition into college sometimes introduces a amount of stress that many young adults have not experienced before. Maintaining stable mental health, keeping track of your schoolwork and having a social life are big challenges to balance that come with being a college student. Considering getting a pet on top of […]

What to Expect from an Independent Study

By Haley Connor  haley.connor@spartans.ut.edu Independent studies are normally taken during a student’s last year or last semester at the University of Tampa.  There are various reasons for this timing.  Throughout your college experience you are taught lessons and key concepts that you need to take with you after graduation and apply in the working world.  […]

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