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Texas Heartbeat Act Potentially Unsafe for Women

By Savanna Perry savanna.perry@spartans.ut.edu The Texas Heartbeat Act went into effect last week on Wednesday, Sept. 1. This act allows any person to sue someone who provides an aboriton once any sign of cardiac activity (a heartbeat) can be detected via transvaginal ultrasound. This is typically around the six week mark of a pregnancy, which […]

This Just In: Florida Man Ruins Women’s Reproductive Rights

By Kamakshi Dadhwal Women’s right to choose, in the matter of abortion, is a fundamental human right, and reproductive freedom protected by the United States Constitution. This hasn’t stopped the state legislature of Florida from passing Bill 865, which would ban all abortions except those that would prevent the mother from serious injury. Members of […]

#ShoutYourAbortion: Women Speak Out About their Personal Experiences

By Brenda Sarabia Over the summer, the Center for Medical Progress leaked videos showing the nonprofit organization, Planned Parenthood, supposedly selling fetal organs for profit. The videos caused outrage among many, and there is now a debate as to whether or not the government should stop funding the organization. On Sept. 18, House Republicans passed […]

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