Mel Tucker Hearing Results

By Emily McLaughlin

The hearing on Thursday, Oct. 5, and Friday, Oct. 6 relating to allegations of sexual assault claims by Brenda Tracy about former head Michigan State football coach Mel Tucker was cut short when Tucker did not show up to the hearing. Tucker’s lawyer, Jennifer Belveal, claimed it was because of a serious medical condition without elaboration.

Tucker’s 10-year, $95 million contract has officially been terminated. Michigan State University decided to officially part ways with Tucker, stating the behavior he has shown brings disrespect to their university and establishes a violation of his agreement. 

Tucker’s lawyer said, “This matter should have never been investigated at all.” WZZM-TV

Instead of attending the broadcasted hearing, Tucker and his lawyer posted an eight-page letter to the MSU Board of Trustees and Interim President Teresa Woodruff 14 minutes into the hearing. Belveal claimed that they found newly discovered evidence that showed Tucker’s innocence. 

In USA Today, Belveal said that there are “approximately 20,000 new communications or documents” involving Tracy “completely contradict” her claims. The letter includes 98 heavily redacted pages of text messages between Tracy and her deceased best friend and booking assistant, Ahlan Alvarado, from September 2021 through May 2023, which appear to have been extracted from Alvarado’s cellphone.”

Belveal claimed Tracy misled the investigator, only highlighting key information on Tracy’s behalf. The newly found evidence demonstrates Tucker’s innocence. Tucker’s lawyer says there is no way to put all the 20,000 documents into the one letter they sent out but is willing to release more in the future. 

In newly found documents reported that Tracy had a consensual relationship with NCAA head coach Damon Stoudamire while being in a relationship with Tucker. In documentation, Tracy describes Stoudamire as “cute” in his tight clothing.

Wilx10News points out “Not only does this contradict Ms. Tracy’s allegations that Mr. Tucker’s attention caused her distress, it also decimates Ms. Tracy’s claim that she would not consensually engage in a personal relationship with a coach.” 

Additional text messages between her and Alvarado, who has recently died this year were also shown. Tracy allegedly attempted to delete the text messages off Alvarado’s phone while on her deathbed.

Tucker’s lawyer says that in the letter there was a new witness sworn to testimony explaining that “Ms. Tracy sought to sleep over at Ms. Alvarado’s house (in her room) and repeatedly asked Ms. Alvarado’s family for access to Ms. Alvarado’s phone and computers,.” reported WZZM-TV.

Furthermore, documented texts show Tracy was having some trouble with the IRS. In hopes of having Tucker finance a production for Tracy after signing the $95 million contract to help her out of this rut. 

From The Detroit News, “The documents add Tracy wanted money from Tucker and the university and tried to settle with Tucker, telling her friend in a text message that money was ‘the only recourse to make him feel like there is a punishment.’” 

The conclusion that Belveal has drawn from this is that Tracy manipulated Michigan State University for her own financial gain. Tracy has not yet said anything in response to these new findings. In the meantime, head football coach Harlon Barnett will be taking charge of the Michigan State football team. 

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