JJ Ramirez Named the Sunshine State Conference Player of the Week

By Ana Ortiz 

In the world of women’s volleyball, there are athletes who shine brightly such as JJ Ramirez. With every serve and spike, her name is now engraved into sports history. Today, her spotlight shines bright as Ramirez is named the Sunshine State Conference (SSC) Player of the Week, an honor well deserved for her remarkable contributions to her team and the sport itself. 

As the volleyball courts have become her canvas, her dawn starts in Puerto Rico.

“My favorite memory from that time was playing AAU nationals, which meant traveling with the team to Orlando to play in the tournament,” said Ramirez. 

Moving from Puerto Rico to Fleming Island, Florida has made a big impact in both her academic and athletic career. 

“I have been through adversity and changes that have shaped me in being a better person and player,” said Ramirez.

The hardships that Ramirez has endured have made her a strong, resilient and competitive player. 

In sports, the greatness of a player often emerges through their remarkable ability to be an extraordinary team player.

 “I am just so happy that as a team we are all performing so amazingly,” said Ramirez.

 It’s not about individuality but the capacity to uplift those around you to create a choreographed artwork. 

As far as the news, it has given her the recognition that she deserves.

“I was not expecting it at all whatsoever so I was very surprised, but I felt very grateful,” stated Ramirez.

 Hard work should be recognized, so the Conference recognizing her grit has resonated with the dream she carries. 

Years of participation in the sport have significantly strengthened the passion, fostering a deep and abiding love for the game. Her commitment and fondness for volleyball continue to grow, making her devoted. 

“I have been playing volleyball for eight years or so,” said Ramirez. 

As she looks ahead into the future, there are countless opportunities and dreams that take place. It’s a canvas waiting for her vibrant strokes of her passion. A stage where she envisions her journey with limitless possibilities.

“My dream is to continue playing after college; preferably in Puerto Rico so I can represent the island that I come from and have that experience,” said Ramirez. 

As one steps onto the court, and brushes raise up, the dream of playing your favorite sport in your home country comes alive. It’s about the pride of wearing your national colors, being cheered by your compatriots, and the connection that fuels the passion of being in familiar territory. 

Ramirez’s journey from Puerto Rico to Florida, her dedication to the sport, and her dreams for the future make her a beacon of inspiration in the world of women’s volleyball. Her determination and passion have already left an indelible mark, and the world eagerly awaits the next chapter in her remarkable story.

In the world of women’s volleyball lies artists, ready to begin their journey and achieve the impossible. They stand at the edge of possibility, being driven by dreams and determination, ready to create their unique masterpieces on the court and attach their names in sport’s history. 

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