Deion Sanders and The Colorado Buffaloes Keep Receipts

By Matthew Restrepo

College football has seen some very big matchups season including the Colorado Buffaloes upsetting  the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs coached by former All-Pro baseball and football player Deion Sanders. 

Sanders went to college at Florida State University and continued to play for five National Football League Teams as well as five Major League Baseball Teams.  

His tenure with sports did not only last while he played in these two highly valued leagues but also went on to becoming coach of Prime Prep Academy, Triple A Academy, Trinity Christian School, and Jackson State University all before continuing his head coaching career for the University of Colorado football team. 

In 2022 the Buffaloes had a record of 1-11 without the newly acquired coach, but now have defeated the 2022 National Championship contender with over 70 transfers leaving their schools to play with the elite coach in Colorado.  

“Sanders made it very clear from day one that he would bring his own luggage and turn the roster over if he didn’t feel that it was up to par” wrote Tom VanHaaren in an article for ESPN.  

The transfer portal has not caught up to all programs since it launched in 2018 including the Clemson Tigers who lost to Duke who has been average throughout the program’s history. 

One of the transfers, Shedeur Sanders, who is the starting quarterback as well as the coach’s son, led the team with 510 yards creating a new record for the school. 

Another transfer Travis Hunter also made his mark piling up 100 yards on both sides of the ball. Hunter is a cornerback but helped with the offensive side of the ball in the first half. 

“We told you we coming. You thought we was joking and guess what, we keep receipts,” Sanders told Fox Sports reporter Jenny Taft after the game.  

With Sanders’s team in the Pac-12, a conference  with contenders including USCand the Utah, his team is a question as to where they will rank further into the season. 

Each of these teams have many professional caliber players including potential number one draft pick Caleb Williams from Southern California and Cam Rising from Utah. 

The sport is packed with National Football League caliber players all over the country. 

While some are huge believers in this Colorado team others are not. 

 “So here’s the thing: I’m not a true believer in Deion Sanders or this Colorado team yet,” said Tom Fornelli of CBS Sports.

As the season goes on, we will discover the true potential of this intriguing team and what they have to offer. 

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