Vine Would Not Be the Same if Brought Back By Elon Musk

By Daniela Jimenez Roman 

Elon Musk became the new Twitter CEO and owner and with that people have been wondering what changes might be brought to the community. Fans were shocked to see when he tweeted asking his consumers “Bring back Vine?”

69% of people  on Musk’s poll voted to bring back Vine, I believe people just get caught up in their nostalgia. Vine has not been up for years now. While Vine was at the top of their game, or so we thought before it got abandoned by Twitter. People were becoming influencers and famous for their videos posted on the app. Even so, that’s how most of the youtubers and influencers that are successful got their start. 

Since COVID TikTok has grown and has since been updating its features from facial effects to editing effects. In comparison, Vine didn’t have much to do other than record. 

All I’m saying is that if Musk wanted to bring back Vine, it wouldn’t really be a competition in comparison to TikTok. Instagram tried with “reels” and people still call it a “knockoff”. TikTok has its own authenticity that brings people together through a variety of videos, from dancing, laughing, teaching, and more. It’s not only about one certain theme, as I felt that Vine was. 

So if Musk were to bring back Vine, I feel like it would have to be completely different than the one we knew. Somehow he would have to make it a competition between TikTok and make consumers feel like it has progressed and evolved from what it once was. He would also have to convince people that it would be worth the transition from one app to another or to have them both.

I feel like celebrities and creators at the beginning were already complaining that they didn’t want to join TikTok or were not ready to join TikTok yet. If that’s still happening within that celebrity realm why make it even harder by bringing another app to the scene?

Once again, while other apps have tried to do “their own version” of TikTok, it all began because TikTok was the root of those changes to add videos to photograph only apps. 

Even if Musk or another creator were to bring Vine back, I feel like it would only be big for a while and then flop down the road. Honestly, I feel like TikTok has become one of the most successful. It has sparked originality and brought more people together when it was most needed. This is something no other app can take away. 

At the end of the day, if Vine were to be brought back it would have to be its own thing. Not just in competition with TikTok, but as another app for creators to get excited about and want to join. Vine would not be Vine, it would have to be something better and new.

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