SEMS Allows Students to Work With NFL, NHL, and Other Pro Sports

By: Cameron Andrade

Many students within The University of Tampa, want to get involved in the world of sports. They want to show their passion in sports by working in that area of expertise. However, some students may not know where to go or where to look for those opportunities. 

UT offers many opportunities for students to become involved and get in the sports space for your own unique experience. When it comes to the journalism, communications, and sports management side of sports, UT has you covered in those areas.

When it comes to sports management, UT provides students with opportunities to get involved through Sports and Entertainment Management Society (SEMS).  

SEMS offers many opportunities for students to be able to work for various sporting events or companies. SEMS overall mission statement suggests that the focus of SEMS, “Is to help dedicated and passionate students enhance their occupational success in the various fields of sport and entertainment management.”

Not only will students be able to volunteer at local Tampa Bay sports events, but they can also make valuable connections through SEMS that can be beneficial in the future.

“SEMS offers many opportunities to meet with men and women who work for different teams or work in other sports companies and all have unique jobs that benefit the places they work for,” said SEMS member Brady Carlson. “It also gives you a chance to connect and put your name out there which can help you potentially get internships and jobs in the future.” 

SEMS is able to help young incoming students with aspirations to work within sports as there are multiple events that the students are able to work at. 

These events include working at Tampa Bay Buccaneers home games during their season, as well as the Tampa Bay Lightning, and sporting events that take place at Raymond James Stadium.

“One of the opportunities for SEMS members at UT is to be able to work at the Bucs home games with Sentry Event Services,” said SEMS President, Connor Pelesh. “There is also a 5k run and some other events students can volunteer at.”

As a member of SEMS, you will have the chance to meet and interact with many guest speakers along the way. SEMS gives students the opportunity to talk to the likes of different professional sports people, and to work within different areas for their respective teams. 

Members will be able to create big events for the students of UT. Last year, SEMS hosted the Backyard Tournament of Champions which included games for everyone to play together, with the likes of cornhole, spikeball, bubble soccer and dodgeball. This event was the biggest SEMS event that year.

“If it wasn’t for me being in SEMS, I would not have been able to work the Super Bowl,” said former treasurer Jake Schellenberg. “Definitely a highlight there in terms of an experience I was a part of, being able to help put together these Spartan Yard Games during my time as treasurer was awesome.”

As a SEMS member, students will likely create long lasting memories, as well as have the abilities to gain internships based off of experience gained from SEMS. 

Many memories have stuck with the former members of SEMS for as long as they can remember. 

“At Gerald McCoy’s Patricia Siane Foundation event, we got to do setup, break down, and help answer questions to top Bucs executives and players as well. I got to talk to Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans as well, which was sick,” said Schellenberg.

SEMS is an overall great experience for incoming and even current students at UT to learn about and consider joining. It is something that is rarely talked about at this point in time throughout campus, as people need to know about this great opportunity that is open to them at any time.

“SEMS is growing every year with more people joining each and every semester. There’s a ton of interest in wanting to join SEMS because of these reasons,” said Carlson.

Having the ability to go into your field of work and be able to gain experience and connections at such an early age, can really put students ahead of the competition. This is really a great experience for everyone involved, as this is just one of the many opportunities that UT has to offer to the student body. 

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