Justin Bieber Announces Break From World Tour Amid Health Concerns

By Abagail Chambers

In early September, Justin Bieber announced on Instagram that he will be taking a break from his “Justice World Tour” to prioritize his health. This is the fifth time since 2020 that the popstar has taken a pause or postponed this tour. 

Bieber announced in June that he has Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which resulted in face paralysis.His condition led him to take a hiatus from several shows in North America. 

He then consulted with his medical team and continued his tour outside of the country. In an effort to keep performing for a live audience, Bieber completed six shows in Europe with the support from his doctors, family, and team.

Grace McGuire, senior biology major, saw Bieber perform live during his “Purpose World Tour” in 2017.

“Seeing Justin Bieber perform on stage live was one of the best things I’ve done,” said McGuire. “His concerts are incomparable in my opinion. I was shocked when he announced his battle with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, but I am so glad he is taking time to focus on his health before getting back on stage. The reason I think his shows are so good is because he dedicates himself to his music along with making sure he is healthy enough to perform.”

The 130-date tour was originally pushed from 2020 to 2021 due to COVID-19, and then again in 2022. During this most recent announcement, Bieber explained that his last six shows in Europe “took a real toll” on him. 

Last week he said, “I need to make my health the priority right now,” on his Instagram story.

“I have been a Justin Bieber fan since his “My World Tour” in 2010. He has always been honest with his fans and I think he is absolutely doing the right thing by putting his health first,” said Emily Galletti, senior business management major. “It is not often enough that we put our physical and mental health before our work. I think that him going public with this is showing the world how important it is to take care of yourself first.”  

“I am so happy he has decided to take care of himself and put his health first. This shows everyone the importance of our health and how any type of work can take a toll on our bodies,” said Samantha Bain, senior advertising major. “I appreciate his honesty and hope to see him back on stage when he is healthy. For now, I am satisfied listening to his music on Spotify.”

Originally scheduled to end in March 2023, there are still about 70 dates left where Bieber was supposed to perform in countries like the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Germany, and more.

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