Ferrari Wins its Spark Back Amidst Chaotic Bahrain GP

By: Daniela Garcia

Last Sunday, the wait was finally over for Formula One fans all over the world. The winter break off-season came to an end on March 20, starting off with the Bahrain GP in the Middle East.

The off-season break gave drivers a chance to rest, train, and further prepare to race and possibly have a chance at winning the 2022 season in March.

When a new season starts, many drivers are ecstatic to see what changes are made compared to the year before. The cars are significantly modified and renewed during the break and the season start allows them to see the changes and improvements.

The entire weekend, drivers were preparing to have their 2022 debut starting off with practices one and two on Friday, March 18, and practice three on Saturday, March 19.

On Saturday, March 19, qualifying took place in order to figure out who was going to win the three pole positions or the three first spots to start the race on the following day. The three pole positions end up giving three drivers a significant advantage in the race since they have bigger chances of starting the race in those spots and possibly staying there the entire run time. 

Pole positions are always a type of lottery, and in this year’s Bahrain GP the three lucky drivers ended up being Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) in third, Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) in second, and Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) in the first place. 

Sometimes, pole positions end up predicting the winners of an entire GP, and during that weekend, that was exactly what happened. Ferrari ended up snatching first and the second position during the dramatic race, after two years of no wins and hardships for the Ferrari team.

“This was a historic win for Ferrari, it has been a long two years for the team since their last win in the 2019 Singapore race with Sebastian Vettel,” said Fabrizio Mejia, sophomore communications major. “Ferrari has always been a beloved team by many, and this victory shows a lot of promise for this season’s kickstart.” 

This first race paved the path to what will be a dramatic season. Starting off with Pierre Gasly’s Alpha Tauri combusting, to the two Redbull Cars mysteriously breaking down towards the end of the race, the entire ordeal was chaotic, to say the least.

“Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc managed to fight for first place throughout the entire time,” said Mariana Posada, sophomore finance major. “This had me glued to the screen wanting to see what would happen next. As an Avid Ferrari fan, it was amazing to finally see the team rise from the ashes.” 

Charles Leclerc became the first Monegasque driver to win first place in a race for the first time ever, creating high expectations with the fans. 

“Ferrari has always had a very big amount of supporters all around, so to me, this win is going to be able to bring faith to the Scuderia fans and also prove Leclerc’s abilities,” said Mejia. “He has always been a great driver getting high in the grids even though he had been driving a low-quality car at the moment so he is getting his chance of being in the spotlight.”

With the rest of the season in front of them, Ferrari will continue to put up a fight and rebuild their reputation from the bottom up.

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