Uncertainty Surrounds Tom Brady’s Career After Buccaneers’ Loss

By: Emily Ann Pesquera

Champa Bay is a place where championships are won, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ quest for the Super Bowl has ended.

The road to repeat for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has come to an end, after a heartbreaking loss against the Los Angeles Rams.

This game was not like any game Tom Brady has ever played. Brady received his first-ever Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty in his career. Coming back from a score of 27 to 3, Brady ended up tying the game 27 to 27 with 42 seconds to go, giving the crowd an intense game to watch.

Matt Gay, former Buccaneer kicker kicked the game-winning field goal for the Rams. Leading to a heartbreaking score of 30 to 27. 

With this playoff loss and quest for a repeat coming to an end, Brady’s future with the Buccaneers is uncertain.

Rumors are swarming the internet claiming Brady might retire after this season, due to personal or family reasons.

ESPN reporter Adam Schefter, released a tweet announcing Brady’s retirement. 

“Tom Brady is retiring from football after 22 extraordinary seasons, multiple sources tell @JeffDarlington and me,” Schefter said on Twitter. 

No official word from Brady or the Buccaneers regarding his retirement has been made, Brady’s dad and agent refuted the claim saying Brady did not retire and did not make the official announcement regarding his NFL future.

Schefter made the announcement regarding the retirement of Brady, but now ESPN is denying to comment on the retirement of Brady. 

So did Brady officially retire?

With the conflicting statements from the internet, if Brady is retiring or not, fans believe Brady will decide when it is the right time. 

In a statement from Brady, he is remaining noncommittal about his future with the Buccaneers and the NFL, claiming he will “just take it day by day.”

With Brady being referred to as “the GOAT,” football fans are also putting in their thoughts on what Brady’s future will look like.

“He will probably return for one or two more years, I think he can continue to play for one to two more years if they keep a good offensive line intact,” said Ryan Myers, freshman finance major. “I think he can stay for two years then.”

Being 44 years old and still playing football is nothing not to brag about. Brady has seven super bowl rings, his 2021 season concluded with his all-time record of 84,520 yards and his touchdown record of 624.

After this season, Brady is set to have one more year left on his contract, so will he retire after the contract expires?

“I think he has one more year because he has one more year on his contract, so he’ll retire after that,” said Noah Vankin, freshman film major.

Playing football is a part of Brady’s life, his children have grown up watching him win super bowl rings.

 Many fans believe Brady will call it quits due to his wife and children.

“I think [Brady retiring] can go either way, return to end his contract or towards his family and ultimately I think Giselle is going to make him retire,” said Joe Dufalt, freshman business management major.

With the talks that family is going to influence Brady’s decision to continue to play or end his career, Brady is not the only team member the Buccaneers might lose.

Prior to this game Antonio Brown stormed off the field, threw his gear to the sidelines, and left the Jets vs Bucs game as it was happening, causing the Buccaneers to unexpectedly lose a wide receiver.

Rob Gronkowski, Chris Godwin, Ryan Jensen, and Carlton Davis might part ways with the Buccaneers after this season, leaving the future uncertain for this Tampa Bay team.

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