Tampa’s Best Plant-Based Restaurants

By Rachel Jarard

2022 is kicking into full gear, and with it has come many people’s New Year’s resolutions of eating vegan or vegetarian. Thankfully, Tampa Bay is one of the fastest-growing cities right now and has opened up a lot of options for people who are meat lovers and ones that prefer something more plant-based.

3 Dot Dash – 6203 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33604

3 Dot Dash has been serving Tampa Bay since 2019 and is the best option for people who want to start eating vegan but also enjoy fast food. Their menu consists of a delicious array of chicken sandwiches, burgers, subs & hoagies with fries and mac and cheese offered as side options. They also have two dessert options to choose from that you don’t want to miss out on.

Vegan International Co. – 13751 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33613

Sometimes eating vegan can get expensive, which is why Vegan International Co.’s mission is to provide delicious 100% vegan food at a reasonable price. Their menu consists of a wide variety of options including Gyro boxes, Empanadas, mock meats, vegan protein, and more. The most expensive item on the menu is only $13.99. If you’re trying to change your diet on a budget, this restaurant is definitely one you should check out. 

Dharma Southern Kitchen: Tampa – 1910 N Ola Ave Suite 113, Tampa, FL 33602

Originally based in Orlando, Dharma expanded into Tampa in 2019 and made the Heights Public Market inside Armature Works its forever home. If you love BBQ but want to stick to a plant-based diet, this place is for you. Their menu is bursting with flavor with many options to choose from. If you are feeling really hungry go with a combo meal that comes with a comfort fixin’ side such as cheesy curly fries or BBQ cauliflower. 

“It is a great option for if you love vegan food and have been eating vegan food regularly, but I don’t think someone who isn’t already vegan would like the food,” said  Dharma chef Twan Turner.

Not only are there many restaurants to select from that specialize just in plant based food, but there are also options at some local restaurants that don’t specialize in vegetarian or vegan foods.  

“Green Lemon in Hyde Park has really good tofu and right next to it is the Daily Eats diner, and they have a veggie burger,” said Brynn Bogarde.

Long term vegetarian Ashley Gannon said, “Honestly, I cook a lot, but I like the Buddha bowl from Asian Kitchen and one of the snack bowls from Taco Dirty a lot.”  

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