Le Petite Fete Hosts Taylor Swift Dance Party at the Orpheum

By Maddi Dolan

On Friday, Nov. 12, Le Petite Fête hosted it’s highly successful, sold out Taylor Swift Dance Party at the Orpheum nightclub in Ybor City. The night consisted of blasting nothing but Taylor Swift music and singing along to every word with hundreds of other T-Swift fans. 

“We sold 720 tickets, which is full capacity at the Orpheum,” said Courtney Gibson, CEO of Le Petite Fête. “We also had several hundred people on the waitlist.” 

With colorful lights, a welcoming crowd and a giant disco ball, walking into the Orpheum felt like entering a party filled with hundreds of your closest friends. A true sense of community and celebration filled the room, all because of the Orlando based events company Le Petite Fête, which is French for “the little party.”

After hosting their second Taylor Swift Dance Party at the Neon Beach Bar in Orlando in August 2021, the company received lots of requests to host an event in Tampa. 

“There is such a high demand for Taylor Swift Nights,” said Caitie Phillips, CMO of Le Petite Fête. “What group of girls wouldn’t want to go out with their friends and scream “All Too Well.”” 

According to Gibson, the duo created the company with a goal to make people feel like they could be friends with everyone inside the venue. Just a group of ‘swifties’ you could comfortably sing, scream and cry with. 

“We wanted to create a really inclusive environment where people feel safe and have a good time, that’s what has always driven us,” said Gibson. “I think there’s something very relatable about Taylor Swift and there’s a really nice community there.” 

The company not only creates an inclusive environment, but also a female empowered environment. Gibson said that the women owned company aims to hire only female DJ’s for their events. 

“All of our events are very girl powered, so when we hire DJs, we try to stick with women,” said Gibson. “There are not many women DJ’s out there, so I think it’s always good to highlight them.” 

For most of Le Petite Fête’s events, they have used DJ Nela, an Orlando based producer and DJ. DJ Nela provided the entertainment for the Taylor Swift Night at the Orpheum on Friday. She blended a mix of Swift’s greatest hits along with songs from her newly released, re-recorded version of the Red album.

People Pack the Orpheum on Friday night. Photo courtesy of Maddi Dolan.

The Taylor Swift Dance Party at the Orpheum was the ninth event that the Le Petite Fête has hosted. The company hosted their first dance party in early June 2021. Although the Taylor Swift Nights are the highest in demand, the company has also hosted events in tribute to Britney Spears, Olivia Rodrigo, and boy bands like One Direction. 

In less than six months, Le Petite Fête has taken off. What was once just a dream two women crafted up while sipping mimosas at brunch, has turned into a widely popular and fast growing events company.  

“We are hosting events all over the United States next year, from the east coast to the west coast,” said Phillips. “Places like Nashville, Dallas, Baltimore and Miami. We even got a request to do an event in Hawaii.” 

Gibson said that they are currently working on finalizing another date for an upcoming dance party in Tampa, since the event on Friday night was such a success. She said they should have the date finalized in the next week or two. Many students at the University of Tampa will be pleased with the news that Le Petite Fête’s Taylor Swift Night will be making its way back to Tampa. 

“The Taylor Swift Night was amazing, I wish there were more events like this,” said Gwen Guido, senior political science major. “I am so ready for the next dance party.” 

Brooke Stephens, sophomore advertising and public relations major, agreed with Guido, saying that the Taylor Swift Night was the most fun she has ever had in Tampa. 

“I will definitely be coming back to the next Taylor Swift Night,” said Stephens. 

You can go to any bar or club and listen to music all night, but at a Le Petite Fête event, you can go to a bar or club and listen to the kind of music you love with a bunch of other people who love the same music too. 

Find Le Petite Fête on Instagram and Tiktok @ lepetitefetefl 

Photos Courtesy of Maddi Dolan

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