Happy Halloween From Michael Myers

By John McCormick Jr.

Halloween Kills, the second installment of David Gordon Green’s reboot trilogy of the Halloween franchise was released in theatres and on Peacock, Friday, Oct. 15. 

The 40-year-old slasher horror franchise has a total 13 films following the story of Michael Myers wreaking havoc on the town of Haddonfield. The much anticipated film was initially supposed to be released in October 2020, but due to the ongoing pandemic it was released this year and is now back on track.

Halloween Kills crushed the box office despite the dual release as they accumulated nearly $23 million on release day and exceeded expectations by bringing in over $50 million opening weekend. James Bond No Time to Die fell out of the top spot as Halloween fans rushed to over 3,000 theatres to see the new film. 

The second film of Green’s interpretation of the Halloween franchise was unlike other films in the franchise as the new trilogy entails high levels of gore. The cast included a handful of characters from the original 1978 Halloween where they seek vengeance on the effects Michael Myers has caused in their beloved town. 

“The movie has more gore than usual which obviously makes sense for a horror film, but doesn’t necessarily make sense for Halloween which is kind of known originally for being able to induce terror without the blood,” said Joshua Waggoner, assistant professor of English and writing. “I do recognize they are trying to do new things and this movie was really interesting to me because it’s not really about Michael Myers anymore, and that might be the most valuable addition.”

The new addition to the long list of movies in the franchise shifted its focus more on the townspeople of Haddonfield rather than the slasher himself. There is a huge presence of survivor guilt throughout the film as the victims believe it is their fault for allowing Myers to achieve such high levels of destruction. 

One of the main characters in the new trilogy included Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her role as Laurie Strode. Curtis’ character was based on the original film where she was not Michael’s sister, just a victim of him. 

“I signed up because David Gordon Green wrote a really interesting script. The last thing I thought I’d do was another Halloween movie,” said Jamie Lee Curtis in an article with NME. “I had other stuff I was doing, I was very happy. But I was really impressed with his understanding of not only what happened to Laurie [Strode] but this now trilogy of stories.”

Halloween Kills picks up minutes after Halloween as Strode, Karen Nelson, and Allyson Nelson sit in the back of a pick up truck as they watch Michael Myers burn inside of Strode’s home. 

The sheer destruction Myers accomplished in one night in the first film was like no other as he is no regular man, he is pure evil. Strode felt as if they all could breathe now that they killed the psychopathic murder, but they were wrong. The entire town gathered up throughout the film to take down Myers yet again, but despite their great numbers he was able to claim several victims along the way. 

“I think this movie has a very fan-service element to it, especially as it relates to old-school fans of the original Halloween,” said David Manack, communications professor. “They got an actor who [after applying prosthetics] looks almost exactly like Dr. Loomis, arguably the second most important person in this franchise next to Michael Myers… so I guess you can say I was a bit surprised to see so many call-backs and so much nostalgia brought into this new movie.” 

The last half hour of the film will have viewers on the edge of their seats as the movie becomes more intense and unpredictable. As the movie comes to an end you will start to question who is safe from Michael Myers, and the answer is no one is.

Halloween Ends starts production in January 2022 and will be released on Oct. 14, 2022. It will conclude Green’s final installment of the new trilogy. Until then, fans will be raving with theories for what is to come in the next film and what will happen to Michael Myers. 

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