The Year of the Tampa Bay Rays

By: John McCormick Jr.

The Rays are as hot as Tampa this year

The Tampa Bay Rays are the last piece to the puzzle when it comes to Champa Bay becoming solidified. The Buccaneers and Lightning have done their part to prove to the masses Tampa Bay is not to be messed with.  

The Rays were close to acquiring some nice hardware last fall as they fell to the LA Dodgers 4-2.

This year just might be their year as they sit in a comfortable first place lead at 85-50, seven games ahead of the NY Yankees.

The outstanding play from the Rays can be backed up by their flawless hitting. A star that has been shining in the sunshine state is Brandon Lowe who currently sits at 31 home runs on the year with a .230 batting average. 

Another star player has been Wander Franco with 30 home runs and a .315 batting average.

Kevin Cash, the team’s manager, talked about the hitting in a post game interview after they beat the Marlins 12-7 on Monday, Aug. 30. 

“They have been doing a good job, where we’re at now is a full team effort,” said Cash.

The pitching has been just as good as the hitting for the Rays as David Robertson closed out in his debut game against the Red Sox the other day with ease. 

The Rays are cruising into the playoffs as they look to win their first title in team history. The team is set to be one of the favorites to win this year which it appears they may have to face the defending champions yet again. 

“The Rays are the best-run organization in baseball from rookie ball through the major leagues,” said MLB ESPN analyst Tim Kurkjian.“Their secret, among many, is that everyone plays, everyone contributes, their 25th man is better than anyone else’s 25th man.” 

Now that the league knows not to mess with the Rays, two questions come to mind. What will it take to beat this powerful baseball team? Also, what do the Rays have to do to ensure a title this year?

Only the future will tell how far the juggernaut offense and stellar pitching staff will go. The Rays look to close out the regular season on Oct. 3 against the Yankees and clinch that first seed rather soon.

Will the baseball world get a rematch of last year’s World Series? We can only hope the Rays will succeed this coming off season and redeem themselves as crowned champions.

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