Prescott Scores Big Off The Field While Many Question How 

By John McCormick Jr.

It is almost springtime, but the bees are not the only thing buzzing right now as the NFL offseason is in full force.

Many NFL athletes and fans believe the Superbowl is the peak of excitement in the season, but for Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is during the offseason.

Prescott, who has been dealing with a gruesome ankle injury, has received a historic contract from Jerry Jones and the Cowboys organization. 

The contract entailed a four-year, $160 million deal with a no-trade clause and a no-tag provision.

Prescott is now the second-highest paid QB in the league, which has many fans questioning the franchise. The Dallas Cowboys and especially Prescott have accomplished virtually nothing as they have won zero Superbowls with him at the Quarterback position.

The NFC East, which includes the Giants, Eagles, Washington Football Team, and Cowboys, has been a struggling division throughout the years. Does this contract put fear into the eyes of the Cowboys’ fellow foes?

Eric Mendelowitz, a New York native and a junior at the University of Tampa, has done his fair share of watching the Giants and Cowboys clash over the years.

“As a Giants fan, I’m happy because he got his money. Now that the Cowboys spent so much on him, they won’t have much left for their defense,” said Mendelowitz. “Which is better for the Giants since our offense isn’t the greatest.”

Eric does not express much fear as a Giants fan as the Cowboys. Even with Prescott running, their offense has still struggled against divisional opponents. 

Now that Prescott got his money, other quarterbacks around the league are looking to get theirs as well.

A franchise-changing quarterback such as Deshaun Watson will continue to be involved in the NFL offseason conversation as the team finished the 2020 season with a 4-12 record.

Stephen A. Smith, an ESPN sports analyst on the show First Take has had numerous talks with Max Kellerman and other analysts about the Deshaun Watson situation.

“I don’t think what’s going on with Deshaun Watson is strictly about football. I think somebody severely compromised the personal relationships that he thought had had cultivated and the kind of cachet that he thought he had developed and ultimately captured within the organization .”

Stephen A. believes that this situation is very similar to Jalen Ramsey’s problems during his tenure with the Jacksonville Jaguars. The result was Ramsey getting shipped out to LA to play for the Rams.

Watson has been the Houston Texans QB for nearly four years now. Pro bowlers Deandre Hopkins and J.J Watt got the memo that the Texans’ run is over as they both reside in Arizona playing for the Cardinals now.

Watson has been a hot topic as he has expressed he is completely sold on leaving the organization. Many teams have come to mind as ideal destinations for him, such as the New York Jets, Carolina Panthers, San Francisco 49ers, and the Miami Dolphins.

Watson’s catch is that his contract is not up yet, so that means those four teams must give up a lot in exchange for this unhappy QB.

Luckily for two of four teams, Watson desires to be traded to have two first-round picks. Those two teams are the Dolphins and Jets, which both have been struggling at the quarterback position.

The NFL draft is approaching over the sunrise as it has been set to take place from April 29th through May 1st, 2021. The league expects some new generational talent as Trevor Lawerence from Clemson is highly likely to get drafted 1st overall in the 2021 draft.

The New York Jets were projected to draft this quarterback stud but failed to lose all 16 games this past season. This makes them sitting at the number two draft pick position, but the organization is in good spirits. The Texans front office could highly value it  for Watson.

Another scenario for the Jets would be either trading Sam Darnold and gaining more draft picks and drafting BYU QB Zach Wilson who has much potential, or drafting Heisman-winning Alabama receiver DeVonta Smith.

The Miami Dolphins, on the other hand, are sitting one pick behind the Jets at number three. Many people are scratching their heads at this move to trade away their selection as they had a good season with Tua Tagovailoa with a 10-6 record.

As time progresses, one should only hope for a more intense offseason with many moves among organizations.

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