Women’s History Month: Unique Women-Owned Businesses

By Aubrianna Gholar

When University of Tampa student, Allie Wolfe, was a freshman she noticed a lot of her “friends were either getting drugged, had been drugged, or knew someone who had been drugged when they were at parties, clubs and other social gatherings.”

When she searched online for products that could detect drugs she did not find anything feasible or cute that girls would want to take out with them. 

So, she thought of the idea of creating jewelry, with drug testers that allow girls to check if “their drink has been spiked at any given time at the touch of their wrist.”

Then, Allie collaborated with her sorority sister, and previous classmate, Amanda Basco. 

They wholesale their detectors from Drink Safe Technologies, based in Tallahassee, Florida. The Drink Safe Technologies product tested both GHB and Ketamine.

Wolfe and Basco are currently using sororities, friends, and family at a test run for their first 100 prototypes, selling the bracelet for ten dollars, with two dollars going towards Sigma Delta Tau philanthropy, Jewish Women international. 

After the test run, the bracelet starter kit will be available for $19.99, which includes a reusable bracelet and ten single use testers. Tester refills will be sold by the pack or customers can choose to do a subscription. 

You can put in an order on instagram by directing messaging @puresipity. 

While living in Connecticut, Sara Gerald Fludd, liked to try new waffle recipes while her daughter was home on snow days. After her daughter went to college, Fludd moved to Florida and started Pop Goes the Waffle in 2017. 

Pop Goes the Waffle is a food truck that changes locations every weekend. Fludd’s waffles can also be found in wholesale retailers such as Kahwa Coffee, The Blind Tiger Cafe, Southside Coffee and Brew Bar and Crislip Cafe. Customers and also buy waffles by the dozen or a sample pack online at www.popgoesthewaffle.com/store

Their products currently include Liege Waffles, Waffle Pops, and Waffle Doughnuts with the flavors: cinnamon bun, maple bacon, oreo, party pop, sausage biscuit, strawberry cheesecake, and unicorn. Fludd  seasonally switches a few of her flavor options. 

Her bestsellers are her cinnamon bun, maple bacon, unicorn, and fruity pebbles (which are her original flavors). 

Due to Covid-19 Fludd temporarily stopped catered events. However, a typical cost of a catered event for 90 minutes starts at 500 dollars for a minimum of 50 people. 

Fludd’s goals for the next three to five years is finding a distributor and having her product sold in bigger chains such as Starbucks. 

Fludd stated that Pop Goes the Waffle is unique because, “We are the only truck that offers a solely waffle menu, and we are one of the few food trucks in Tampa owned by a black woman.” 

Ingrid Harb, founder of Women’s Ambassador Forum and Alligened Creativity Agency, recently launched NOTA Inclusion in October 2020. 

NOTA (None Of The Above) Inclusion is a service-based firm that focuses on a company’s productivity through diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). NOTA was developed to make companies become their own standard of excellence by working with them to create a unique plan to address issues in both the human resources and D&I department. 

Rather than imposing a one solution fits all program, NOTA defines standards the company strives to achieve with DEI efforts, conducting assessments, collaboratively evaluating, devising comprehensive strategy to improve current processes, ERG (employee resource group) evaluations, reviewing progress and quantifying change. 

These assessments allow employees to work in an environment that gives them a sense of belonging, understanding, fulfilment and accountability. 

NOTA targets small businesses to help build a strong foundation that can grow as the number of employees increases.

Harb States, “NOTA is so important because it is bringing in this new perspective and new way of doing things for companies who have long operated on the wrong management system.” 

NOTA works with every company individually to help create a budget and plan that will benefit them the most.

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