The Weeknd’s Performance Triggers Social Media Users

By Lisa Striffolino

The Super Bowl LV Halftime Show starred The Weeknd on  Sunday, Feb. 7 in Tampa Bay, who gave a performance that received some mixed reviews.

The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, gave the 25,000 socially-distanced viewers a 13-minute performance that featured himself singing a mix of some of his top hits, such as “Starboy,” “Blinding Lights,” “Can’t Feel My Face,” and “I Feel It Coming.”

Many of the visuals throughout the performance definitely lived up to the “Blinding Lights” title. In fact, the strobe lighting used during the show is actually what sparked some controversy among watchers.

“There was no flash warning for those at home with light-related health risks,” said Nicole Wusaty, who grew up with epilepsy. “Overall it was a good performance, but I was disappointed. We need to do better.”

Wusaty said that she has begun to notice just how oblivious our society is to simple, avoidable issues such as this.

Another part of the show that drew some criticism was when the 30-year old singer was spinning around in a golden, lit-up maze. It was an aspect of the performance that made viewers feel dizzy and disoriented while the star was being tossed around by his back-up dancers.

“This is making me dizzy and queasy and it’s not from too many nachos #SuperBowl #TheWeeknd,” posted @AishaS on Twitter.

Other twitter users took similar feelings to their social media.

“I was today years old when #TheWeeknd made me so dizzy I puked during the #SuperBowl #PepsiHalftime,” wrote @MAphilly13 on Twitter.

Although there was some criticism for the lighting and for other aspects of the show, there were other fans who thought that Tesfaye did an excellent job, and praised him for performing completely live.

“We really enjoyed The Weeknd’s halftime show!” said Lauren Gibbs, who watched the Super Bowl at home with her husband and two kids. “My young son was excited because Blinding Lights is his favorite song. My husband and I were very pleased that he appeared to be actually singing for the performance, which is rare and impressive!”

Gibbs said that she felt the show was very family-friendly, and that her kids were dancing the whole time.

Usually sporting facial bandages in other performances, the face of the singer was the center of attention at Raymond James Stadium, while his back-up dancers were the ones that were bandaged up in this performance.

Other songs that were performed by the artist at the Halftime show included “The Hills,” “Earned It,” “Save Your Tears,” and “House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls.”

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