Tampa Tik-Toker Reviews Businesses to Promote Growth

By Alexandra D’Eramo

If you follow social media platforms these days, you are aware of the fact that TikTok has completely taken over social media. It is the newest media platform that can be considered the entire package. Everyone’s TikTok account is personally customized based on videos they like, post, and share, ultimately, making it a platform like no other created before. 

Tik-Toker Savannah Jarell, 24, known as Savvy J. on social media and @Likecherrieinspring on TikTok, is Tampa’s guru when it comes to hotspots in Tampa and new places to try out. Looking for secret hideaway coffee shops or restaurants with the funkiest food creations? Looking for taro pancakes and unicorn drinks; if you even know what those are? Well, she has the perfect places for you to check out. 

Jarell has been a full-time beauty blogger for years now and never assumed her media content would be geared toward posting about local businesses. 

“I never had any intention of dedicating my content to anything local,” said Jarell. “That said, one day a video for a restaurant in New York City came up and I loved the concept of doing a mini-review.” 

Originally, she was posting short clips on TikTok of her day-to-day life and used the platform to try to create “aesthetically pleasing videos. Born and raised in Tampa, Savvy J. now uses this media platform to highlight some of her home city’s best and most underrated or unknown spots after realizing so many people were interested in that kind of content. A few of her most popular TikTok videos promote the following businesses: 

The Attic Cafe and Bar – located on 500 E. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 400. This local cafe and bar has such a tasty breakfast and lunch menu, and even serves beer and cider on tap. 

With 408.3K views, The Attic is bound to receive major attention from Jarell’s video. In fact, Jarell said, “I never thought a video I posted to the internet could have any kind of impact. But for example, The Attic Cafe, a video I did when there was practically only one person working/cooking/running the whole Restaurant, has now hired five new people. It is crazy, but I’m so thankful I can help small local businesses in the time when businesses need the most help.” 

Not only did Jarell never expect anything from making her TikToks, she certainly did not expect that she would have such a major influence on local businesses and their growth, exposure, and popularity around the area. 

Sweet Buns Bakery and Cafe – an Asian bakery located on 2788 E Fowler Ave. Jarell’s video currently has 364.8K views and is a huge hit. Sweet Buns offers a variety of delicious sweet and savory treats like cranberry butter toast, egg puffs, red bean cookies, England peach rolls, and so many more to choose from.

Casa Di Mazzaro – an Italian market that offers so many different fresh food options and is popular in the St. Petersburg area. This market has many fascinating features: a cheese and caviar room, a wine room with hundreds of different wines, a gourmet coffee bar, and freshly-made pasta. If you find yourself in the area be sure to check out Casa Di Mazzaro on 3001 22nd Ave N in St. Petersburg. 
If any of these concepts sparked your interest, you’re bound to enjoy the rest of the places she highlights in her TikTok videos as well. Be sure to check out her page, @Likecherrieinspring.

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