Netflix’s Top 10 Summer Movies

By Loren Adams

Being in a global pandemic, summer was different for everybody. Most of us were stuck in our houses because of CDC recommendations. Thankfully, streaming services such as Netflix provided a source of entertainment that people could enjoy from their homes. 

This year, Netflix has brought out a new selection of movies for families and friends to enjoy. From romance to animation, Netflix has added choices for every movie lover everywhere. 

“Because the coronavirus has closed down theatres, the definition of ‘summer movies’ has changed, and thanks to the ‘Top 10’ feature, the world’s most popular streaming is now providing a better idea of which movies truly have dominated the season outside of the box office,” said Travis Bean, a Forbes contributor. 

Bean further explained how he created a point system to determine how the movies are ranked. 

“Basically, a movie is awarded points based on where it lands on Netflix’s Daily Top 10,” said Bean. “If a movie holds the first spot, it gets ten points and then you go down the line: nine points for the number two, eight points for number three and so on.”

So based on this point system, this is the Top 10 Netflix movies for this summer. 

#10 – Feel the Beat – 79 points

Feel the Beat was released on Friday, June 19. The film is a drama filled with lots of dancing and humor. The film is about a young woman by the name of April who returns to her home in Wisconsin and is recruited to train a group of young dancers for a competition.

#9 – The Nut Job – 87 points

This animated film was released in 2014. However, the seven-year-old film was just released on Netflix in June. This animation is about an exiled squirrel helping his former pack member survive by raiding a nut store. 

#8 – Fatal Affair – 98 points 

This thriller was released on Tuesday, June 16. The film is about a woman trying to mend her marriage and goes off to visit an old friend, only to realize he is a threat and a force to be reckoned with.

#7 – How Do You Know – 102 points 

How Do You Know was released a decade ago but made its way to Netflix in July. This romantic comedy is about a young woman who takes the time to reflect on her life while in a love triangle. 

#6 – Despicable Me – 103 points 

This animated comedy film was also made a decade ago. In this film, a crooked mastermind uses three girls who are orphans for a scheme. However, he sees that their love for him is making him a better person. 

#5 – Desperados – 114 points 

This Netflix original is a romantic comedy and was released on Friday, July 3. It focuses on how a young woman finds herself in panic mode after she sent a fuming email to her boyfriend and hurries to Mexico to try and delete it. 

#4 – Kissing Booth 2 – 131 points

This Netflix original is a sequel to Kissing Booth from 2018. This sequel is focused on Elle, a senior in high school who’s juggling college applications, a long-distance relationship and a new friend. 

#3 – The Old Guard – 179 points 

The Old Guard is also another Netflix original and was released on Friday, July 10. This action and adventure filled film is about a secret team of immortal mercenaries that are endangered and must fight for their identity. 

#2 – 365 Days – 188 points 

This film was released on Friday, Feb. 7. and is another Netflix original. This movie is about an Italian Mafia member who gives a young woman 365 days to fall in love.

#1 – The Lorax – 189 points 

This Dr. Seuss film originally came out in 2012. According to Bean, The Lorax was the number one hit of July. This animation is an adaptation of one of Dr. Seuss’s books which confronts the issue of environmental destruction.

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