Will Brady and Gronk bring the Bucs out of drought?

by Brenna DeLucia

As football fans are all well aware, Tom Brady is now the new quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and fans of Tampa Bay were already ecstatic about that. Most recently, bringing even more exciting news for the Bucs and their fans, Rob Gronkowski is also making a move to Tampa Bay to play alongside his career-long quarterback, Tom Brady, according to ESPN.com.

Rob Gronkowski, former New England Patriot tight end, has officially come out of retirement and has been traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as of Tuesday, April 21, and talk about how this will impact the Bucs for the 2020 football season has already commenced. 

Gronkowski, nicknamed “Gronk”, previously played nine seasons for the New England Patriots and is a three-time Super Bowl champion before he announced his retirement before the 2019 football season. 

Right before the 2020 NFL Draft, it was announced that Gronk was coming out of retirement to play alongside his former teammate and favorite quarterback, Tom Brady, for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, according to NYPost.com

During Brady and Gronk’s time spent playing together, Gronk caught a total of 78 touchdown passes from Brady, which is the most of any receiver in Brady’s career, according to CBSSports.com. With this knowledge and knowing that this dynamic duo is playing together again, people’s perceptions of the Bucs team as a whole are changing.

After it was official that both Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski were both going to be playing with the Bucs, the public began heavily betting on the Bucs. This led to lowering their Super Bowl odds, division odds, conference odds, and win totals odds, thus showing the public’s perception on how Gronk is impacting the Bucs in a positive way.

With these well-known, and highly valuable, players now playing for Tampa Bay, ticket sales and merchandise are predicted to skyrocket, according to BleacherReport.com

Now that both Gronk and Brady are playing in Tampa, there is a good chance that the Buccaneers will finally end their 13-year playoff drought and bring the team to victory this football season.

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