The MLB’s 2020 season plans in revision

by Brenna DeLucia

As everyone is probably well aware, the start of the regular Major League Baseball (MLB) season has been postponed due to coronavirus until a date that everyone, including the players, employees, and fans, are waiting to hear about.

There are multiple theories as to when baseball season will start and where it will take place. Some of the most recent ideas being to either just have all of the Major League teams play at different ballparks in Arizona, or most recently, to have the players continue with their season at their designated spring training locations.

The first statement from MLB was that Opening Day, for the regular season, would be delayed at least two weeks, as stated on Though two weeks have come and gone and everyone is patiently waiting for baseball’s return.

Later, a possibility for baseball’s return was released and mentioned that all 30 MLB teams would start their 2020 season in May at some point, but they would all play at different locations in Arizona. According to, Major League Baseball was pondering an idea to allow the sport to resume play sometime in May or June, where all 30 franchises would either play games at Chase Field, the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks, in Phoenix or at other ballparks in the Phoenix area, including 10 spring training facilities. 

Although, if baseball were to resume play in Arizona, many other changes to the game would have to be implemented for the safety of the players and fans. “The games would take place without fans and include several social distancing measures, including having players sit in the stands six feet apart rather than together in a dugout. A digital strike zone would also be implemented so the home plate umpire could keep a safe distance,” according to

Soon after, it was discussed that regular season baseball games would all take place at their assigned spring training locations in Florida and Arizona. Even more recently, the MLB  took into consideration the option of playing games in a different country, according to Though there are multiple possibilities for the upcoming 2020 baseball season, MLB is considering many options to start baseball as soon as possible and also keep the players safe. 

“The MLB season could reportedly begin as soon as next month as team officials and federal public health officials believe their contingency plans would allow the sport to safely return despite the coronavirus outbreak,” said Dan Cancian from, and the players, employees, and fans are all looking forward to getting America’s favorite pastime back.

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