Content creators come together for Playlist Live


Multimedia reporter/videographer: Gabriella Wallace

Story by Emily Banaitis

This weekend hundreds of digital content creators and their fans came out to the annual festival conference known as Playlist Live at the Orlando World Center Marriott to participate in meet & greets, panels, music performances and more. 

This event has been a big part of the digital content community and in recent years has expanded its content creator list from Youtube to TikTok, (formerly known as Tiktok is an app that allows creators to make short one minute clips and in these clips creators are able to do things like acting POVs, creating dances with remixes of popular songs, and even create original content videos. 

One of the best parts about Playlist for these creators is that they get to meet a lot of the fans who have been following them from the beginning as well as other creators who they might have looked up to from the start of their channel.

“It’s been a lot of fun and when you meet the people that are like ‘famous’, they are friendly as heck,” said Sierra Proctor who has around 60,000 followers. “So, I want to collaborate with Drippy Dallas, she’s on TikTok, and I’ve met Delaney Brown, ImtheJay, (Jay Sage), Tayler Holder, and Logan Lane. I met all of them and they are all really dope.” 

The biggest change at Playlist Live over the past couple of years has been the ushering in of younger generation’s on the social media app. The app, TikTok, while being a creative platform, has made it extremely easy for anyone to go viral, therefore speeding up the process of being a “famous creator” compared to Youtube where it takes many years of continuous posting to really build a solid platform and fanbase. 

“Someone just told me to download TikTok,” said Peyton Moormerier who has surpassed over 10 million followers on his account. 

“My friend had 15,000 followers and I got jealous, so I made an account,” said Danny Garrison who has over a million followers as well.  

Both are under the age of 18, and through this app have created a loyal and dedicated fan base. They discussed how this app has also brought them the opportunities to extend past just creating videos and into what they really want to pursue, music for Payton and acting for Danny. 

For both creators and fans, it’s a time to not only meet their idols but to be able to interact with their friends as well. Both Youtube and TikTok provide the opportunity many to form long-distance friendships, and Playlist is one of these events that brings everyone together in the same place, giving people the option to meet their internet friends in real life.

“Just like meeting people that I’ve never met before, I mean they don’t have to be famous people necessarily, but just I love interacting with people,” said Alexa Agoranos, a junior at UT. 

Playlist Live is a place for creators to feel like they can come together, connecting with other like-minded people. As the years go by, it will be great to see all of the new changes that will occur to make this festival a better event for everyone involved.

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